Or: Thoughts on Life in America as We Enter 2010

I am involved in a different discussion groups. Someone was wondering why people are so upset about the health care reform bill… and so I responded. I thought, hey, this is important to me, and so I decided to post this on my blog as well. A different perspective, I hope… that will help others to consider where America is headed in the coming years.


I believe that if the Health Care bill passes the damage done to our country could be irreparable, unless 2010 allows election of people who can reverse the damage. I worked for 20 years in biomedical and then medical device industry. Currently I am an independent contractor with no health insurance – but I would prefer no health insurance to Obama-surance.

I agree that there are problems with health care – but there are other problems that feed into it. For example, Americans are “sue happy”. This means they sue for everything, including crazy bogus stuff that should never have been allowed in our courts. So much of health costs today are related to this. The insurance that physicians have to pay is outrageous. I agree, some cases are factual, but the majority of this stuff is just plain “butt covering.” In fact, when documenting medical devices, I’ve had to put in the most ridiculous text, all to protect ourselves from somebody who is not working with their head screwed on straight.

Taxes imposed by the health bill will kill our country. Small business will go out of business and big businesses will be negatively impacted. I lived overseas for 25 years. When I returned to the US I was stunned to see how so many people here in the US seem to think the government needs to take care of “we the people” instead of “we the people” taking care of each other.

There needs to be a huge shift in mentality for things to really change. The bottom line can no longer be the almighty dollar. We need to re-evaluate what a reasonable profit is – and this includes the executives who collect huge salaries at the expense of a company.

I am watching the country of my birth move from a truly free and democratic society to one that is riddled with political correctness and laws the seem to point, not towards socialism but communism. I never dreamed I’d see the day when we are giving up our rights so quickly. We are letting the government mandate everything from the TV waves and light bulbs, to our medical care. I have some friends from communist China who moved to Canada. I did not tell them I was against what is happening here. They asked what some of the laws that have been passed will do. I told them – they were horrified. They said, this is terrible, why are the Americans giving up their freedom?

What this country needed, and still needs, is not “change” but a return to our original standards and the constitution. I remember when I was in school learning that it is important to read our Constitution with the understanding of “original intent”. This is no longer the case.

Separation of church and state NEVER meant that I cannot say “In God we trust.” It never meant a county or town can’t have a manger scene on the lawn. It has always meant though, that while we can have the manger scene, I won’t force YOU to have a manger scene. Now it means we can have everything except the manger scene.

What does this have to do with the discussion? Don’t we understand and learn from the past? Look at what happened to the “intellectuals” in China and Communist Russia. The Medical Device industry and other hi-tech industries will suffer more and more as each and every discovery is weighed and judged by a party line that focuses on expediency rather than sanctity of life.

When I worked in China I was horrified to see how cheap life is there. I could tell you stories…. I have friends from Russia who have told me about the way life used to be, I have friends from China who tell me how life is there… and now, here we are in America, deceived by smooth speaking politicians and a political correctness that will correct us out of our freedom and the life that so many valuable men and women have given their life to preserve.


I ended my post there. But for those of you, my friends and colleagues who know me well, I’d like to add this. In truth, I believe the only hope for America is that those who call themselves Christians really be Christians. We need to pray for our country as never before and beg God for His mercy on our country. America is no longer a Christian country. I remember reading Corrie Ten Boom’s account of her experience in the Holocost. She once asked her father, “Pappa, why are Christians turning the Jews in to the Nazis?” He responded, “Corrie, just because a mouse is in a cookie jar does not make it a cookie.”

As I look at what is going on here in the US, I am convinced that the the cookie jar is filled with mice, and the tragedy is, most of the mice think of themselves as cookies. There still are cookies in the cookie jar… I am so thankful for that. May this coming year be one where God’s people seek His face as never before. Maranatha…