I first started this blog to keep my friends and family on both sides of the ocean up to date with my life and adventures. But sometimes I wonder, what do I have to share? Some of you know what I mean: You get up, go to work, come home, eat, perhaps straighten up around the house, a little bit of exercise, watch a show or play some games (too often too many), get some sleep, and a new day begins. Things happen in between, but it seems like you wake up, a new day begins, and what was it I wanted to share?

Last Friday marked the seventh year since my legal marriage to Rich. In some ways it seems like yesterday. And yet so much has happened. Now Rich and my best friend Judy are with the Lord. I am in here in Israel, working at Rambam Medical Center, teaching English in the Chinese congregation, singing with the worship team on Saturday mornings in my own congregation. It’s been one year since I had my back problem. It left me with a permanent numbness in one of my knees. The weather cools off just a little and it stiffens up. Now, most recently, there has been a change at work, and I suddenly have a huge work load.

Life is such a mix. The routine of every day interrupted by hiccups along the way—some good—some not so good. Births, deaths, meeting new people, saying goodbye to others; the battles to develop good habits and let go of bad habits; the struggles that no one sees—the silent prayer for patience, strength and a good attitude. Good days and bad days.

As I walk through the seasons of my life, I am greatly comforted by the knowledge that God IS, that He will indeed do justly, and that He won’t give up on me. Recently, in one of my English classes, my students were taking turns pointing out verses they liked or did not like. One of the students shared a verse he did not like because he did not agree with it.

The desire of the righteous ends only in good; the expectation of the wicked in wrath.
(Proverbs 11:23 ESV)

He thought that it and other similar verses were empty and did not reflect the way life really is. I thought about it and agreed with him. “You are right, things don’t look very comforting sometimes. It seems like evil wins, and the righteous are defeated.”

“Exactly!” he agreed.

I asked him if he believed in God. “No,” was the answer.

“Then I see why you don’t agree with this verse,” I answered. “You can only see what you see that things don’t look good out there. But,” I continued, “if you believe in God, that makes all the difference. I do believe in Him. I know that God will, in the end, give to the wicked what they deserve. I don’t need to see it now with my eyes to know that eternity is in His hands…”

My students, and I, were left with much to think about, because, at the end of the day, we do not always see or feel the victory. If we look with our physical eyes the world is a pretty hopeless place. But, if we look with the eyes of faith, we have hope that no one can take from us. The joy of the Lord truly is our strength, and for the joy set before us, we can follow in the example of our Savior and endure. Our hope is undiminished despite what we feel or see, because we know, like Job—though worms destroy this skin, yet in our flesh, we shall see God.

These thoughts encourage me as I muddle through the routine of every day life. May they encourage you as well.