Hi Everyone,

Well, arrived safely in Minneapolis only 2-3 hours or so later than scheduled. Instead of getting home by 9:30 got picked up at the airport and to my friend’s home by 11:30 pm and hit the hay by midnight or so…. slept well and at the STC conference today. Meeting lots of nice people, learning a lot, definately on sensory overload, and VERY tired.

But so thankful to the Lord for His blessings.

Just wanted you all to know I’m still alive. I give a presentation on Wed and need to prepare…. so much going on… all for now.


CMCogan: Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound. Will be praying for you.
5/14/2007/6:40 PM

RichRH: I’ll also be praying for your presentation, although I’m sure it will go very well. Try to get some rest if you can.
5/14/2007/7:22 PM