It’s hard to keep up when you have to get to work early to assure a parking place, work late, and then are busy in the evenings… and now I’m on my off to pick up friends at the airport.

I had a nice quiet birthday dinner with some friends on June 17. The next day I enjoyed my first ever VIP movie and saw Star Trek, hardly any stairs, reclining chairs, supper, and beverages… all for a quite good price. Then worked late working on a USAID proposal. My first ever. That was a nightmare of preparation. Full of the kind of errors Technical Communicators hate (ambiguous language, conflicting instructions, and a FAQ which basically says, “go back and read the instructions stupid!”).

A few hours of overtime and working on Friday as well, but we pressed the SEND button only to get a message that return receipts are not given by the recipients server. In simple langauge, that meant that USAID people have systems that cannot respond to their own instructions to ask for a delivery receipt! Sent a message asking for a HUMAN confirmation, and lo and behold I got one!

Reminds me of answered prayer. With a human being notorious for not meeting your expectations, we expect to be disappointed, but sometimes when I pray, and then I get a positive answer to my prayer, I’m so surprised, it’s as though I forgot that God loves me, as though I don’t believe He is trustworthy. A friend of mine and I were talking this evening about retirement concerns, and I realized, there really is nothing to be concerned about. God has taken care of me all of my life. Growing older, He is suddenly going to forget me? I don’t think so.

And my heart is filled with joy and thankfulness. As the song goes, “Hallelujah, what a Savior.”