Can’t say that I did a whole lot this weekend. We did a lot of cooking for Thanksgiving and good time was had by all. Lots of left overs… yum! Spent the weekend relaxing, reading, washing the floors, and helping R with his website, which we hope to move over to a WordPress theme soon, which will be easier for him to work with.

No progress in the job scene. I have to admit – it feels pretty discouraging at times. It seems like at times like this, you just feel like you are slogging through the mud, and keep on going, no matter what. Been there, done that, and now have to do it again…

Times like this, I am encouraged by some of the books I’ve been reading. Been reading Randy Alcorn’s Heaven. First time I’ve read a book that has stretched my thoughts about the future in a new and even more positive way than I thought possible. Reminds me of a poem I wrote some time ago…

Made New

When the architect bought this building
no one could imagine the plans he had made
making new
but no one makes new like this
everyone knows
you knock down the building smash the rubble
build on the ruins.

How may layers does Jerusalem have?
16? 17?
No one has ever dreamed of clearing it out
and starting from rock bottom.
The New Jerusalem – descending from heaven
what kind of foundation is that?
The architects scratch their heads
and wonder.

The Master Architect smiles
this is what I meant
by all things made new
in you.

(21 June 1997)

How I long for that day….