Well, I returned safely to Israel and found that my landlord had put in new windows, and accidentally cut the wire connecting my phone/internet to my service provider. So I won’t be able to post much until I get that fixed, hopefully by Thursday. But I did want you to know that I arrived home safely. Slept well last night and am hopeful to be only minimally jet-lagged.

It was a wonderful time in the US. I didn’t stop from the day I landed until the day I left. Days were filled with wonderful visits with family, friends, and site-seeing. My step-daughter’s weddings was beautiful. I was also able to visit my cousin Alysia, in Florida and see some of the sites near her, including a bird refuge, the beach, and a sunset boat ride off the coast of Florida. That trip was followed by an evening out with friends back in Michigan, and then on to Colorado to see another friend. In Colorado we saw what was going on with the terrible fires, watched special helicopters get water to put out a smaller fire, walked around a lake, and just plain enjoyed being together again. Back in Michigan saw more of the family, and all too soon, it was time to get on the plane. But not before watching Andrea, Josh, Emily and her boyfriend Eric run in a 10 K race in Grand Rapids. That was fun to watch.

All this made me realize how much I wish I could be everywhere at all times. While I am not omnipotent, I do know someone who is. I am so thankful that my heavenly father is taking care of all those I love. More than ever, I look forward to a wonderful reunion that will never end.