Well, this week has been one that goes in the record of being difficult!

Quatro, Andrea’s cat became ill very suddenly. Rich and I did what we could, but in the end the vet said that he had irreversible kidney damage and so we had to say goodbye to Quay cat’s only other cat friend.

Quatro was a very sweet kitty, you could hold him any which way. He was everywhere in the house, wherever people were, there was Quatro, meowing, asking for attention, running between our legs, and sleeping in EVERY chair, seemingly at the same time. We are thankful to God for him, and give him back to his creator with not a few tears.

We had to change our hosting service and the transfer of the files has been nothing short of a nightmare. But thanks to some people more knowledgeable than I, things are finally starting to be up and running and I can finally catch up with everyone.

My contract ended in October and I am trying to get other work lined up. Have put out applications, and need to get brochures and business cards printed to distribute to local research libraries. I have one small contract that just got smaller; seems the client erroneously offered me my going rate rather than asking me for the same rate he had for a previous project. End result, I will keep the current rate but have less hours to work for them.
All in all, hope seems to be quite challenged this week. Rich and I have wept a few tears together, and we cry out to our Lord for HIS mercy on us and HIS goodness, that HE might be glorified in our lives.

Someone once said that what is easy for nonbelievers is difficult for believers that our dependency may always be on our Lord and not on ourselves. We know and trust in His goodness. I know that He will provide, because He always has before. I think the struggle is that when things start to get difficult it is so easy to want to curl up like a wounded animal and hide, but it is then when God asks us to stand tall and march on keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly. Amen.