As many of you know, I have gone to the USA for my step-daughter’s graduation. This visit has been filled with only joy and answered prayers. From attending Emily’s graduation from university, with honors, to singing with Andrea in her congregation’s Christmas concert and spending the day with the grandchildren playing games, visiting a “live” nativity, and seeing an amazing Christmas lights park with them. I can only say Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness to us and your love for all of my family.

For the first time in years, we got a picture with ALL the kids and grandkids together. Such a blessing!

And through it all, an ongoing reminder of the reason behind our joy: Messiah is come. He was born of a virgin in the flesh. He grew up to pay the price for our sins and make a way for us to be right with the Father… how can I not be thankful?

When the business of the season, the distractions of theological discussions as to the validity of this holiday, and the political correctness in this world darkening spirituality, the HOPE extended to all mankind through Jesus Christ — Yeshua the Messiah — shines brighter than ever. He will be loved or hated, but no one can remain neutral to the message He brings: The wall between man and God has been torn down.

It all began with His humble birth. Who would have thought so much would come out of such a seemingly minor event? Likewise, I never dreamed that God would so graciously answer my prayers for my family in so many wonderful ways.

Only joy… joy in my salvation, joy in my savior, joy in this life HE has given.

May your season too be filled to overflowing with thankfulness and joy in Him.