I had an amazing weekend in Jerusalem, meeting a friend from Russia for the first time, and then visiting with a few friends. And in the background, the mountains of Jerusalem, spring flowers, fresh air, and the glory of spring. I haven’t written poetry in ages… so I hope you will enjoy my meandering thoughts about Jerusalem…

23 April 2012

As the mountains surround
Not Guilin with exotic peaks spiking upward
or curled like a half-moon embedded in earth.
Not Pennsylvania’s rolling heights heavy with dark
too early
Not Colorado’s majestic beauty with snowed peaks
cooling off the heated summer day.


mountains enclose like an embrace
caressing eyes with muted greens and
desert browns.
Forcing legs to exert, destination ever in sight
Heights not hidden from mortal eyes
Nor made mysterious by fog.

Clear, tall power hidden in sensuous curves
surprising joys nestled
in each hidden crevice
flowering unexpectedly
invading the mundane.


Safety assured with heaven’s promise
sealed in the thrill
of canary’s song.