I’ve been enjoying a science fiction TV series via the Internet called Andromeda. After many many months, I’ve finally gotten to the 100th episode, only a few more to go to finish the series.

I honestly don’t understand my fascination with science fiction. Perhaps it is the fact that I know there is no way any of these stories can ever come true…  This series has a catch statement when the plot turns to an impossible situation, usually of good vs evil. The hero says, “It’s never easy.” Then the plot moves on through a variety of misadventures to resolve to an ending where good triumphs (usually).

That was a good description of my weekend. I had set time aside to do some private work yesterday and wouldn’t you know it, my monitor started flickering. A few tests confirmed the monitor was useless on any computer for anything more than a few emails.

So I turned off my computer, went to bed, and then went to my congregation this morning–without checking email or my phone, which I also turned off for the service. I kept feeling like I was supposed to invite a new young man in our congregation over for dinner. I don’t know the person very well. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should invite him. So I did. We weren’t in my apartment 5 minutes when someone knocked on my door. It was other friends, carrying a computer monitor for me to borrow until I have time to find the right one at a decent price. And they just happened to have time to stay and join us for dinner. And they just happened to be experts regarding software that he was interested in learning more about for his studies. And as we talked, I learned he’d been so busy with studies that he hadn’t been able to shop to have anything to eat for lunch!

What a nice time we had… yet it all came together through trust. Trusting that I was inviting someone for dinner and they would enjoy themselves. My friends trusting I’d be home since they couldn’t reach me on the phone. And the part I didn’t share yet? Trusting God when I went shopping on Friday and wasn’t able to shake the feeling that I needed to buy the ingredients for, and to cook, a large meal —more than I could possibly eat!

No, it’s never easy. You’d think that trusting would get easier whether it’s for large or small things… But what is always true is God’s faithfulness. Taking the little needs and accidents of life and turning them into blessings for ourselves and others, and bringing glory to Him.