I thought I’d share a few musings that have greatly encouraged me this week. It doesn’t really matter the struggle. The point, the wonder and amazement of all Jesus has done for us!

It Wasn’t Just the Cross

Otherwise your life would not
have mattered.
It was all or nothing—
virgin birth to resurrection
mapped out for my salvation.

Son of man—Son of God
Able to sin
but not compelled to.
The same choice faced
by Adam, Eve, and all humanity
God or me
wisdom from above or below.

Baptism confused John—but not You.
You came to bear our sin
It began there
Not, as theologians say, in Gethsemane
sin had so polluted us
no repentance could ever
be good enough
on our own.
You repented for us.

Temptations cannot be resisted
in our own strength.
You didn’t just show us how
You resisted—for us
Imputed resistance to sin
I can’t—You can.

And the daily struggle of life
from relationships to bills
You lived for us—
Imputed life.
Not I who lives but Christ in me.

And still it wasn’t enough.
You suffered real pain
real betrayal
real rejection
real torture
real hunger
real thirst
real death.

It’s more than imputed righteousness
but imputed healing.
By His stripes we are healed.
Soul and mind, the place
where all pain is experienced
more so than flesh.

And then—yes—and then
You descended into hell
for us.
Imputed punishment.

And then, because in all that You
never sinnedSon of man—Son of God
Then came the resurrection
and imputed righteousness
   that Christ might be all in all.

And all that clothed me
in the waters of baptism
Your spirit in me
Your entire lifeimputed to me
in robes
of righteousness.

Hallelujah! What a Savior!

A baptism in the Mediterranean Sea, Haifa, Israel.

A baptism in the Mediterranean Sea, Haifa, Israel.