Last night began Independence day in Israel. Nice fireworks (see my photo blog)…

Then together with friends and my god children for our annual picnic… fun singing, fellowship, food and games…. in that order – of course. First time we had 4 non-competing musicians playing together – it was so nice…

We had our typical games and some new ones. A fun one is filling up a tube with water until the ping-pong ball pops out. Just one small catch – the tube is full of holes! Then our annual favorite, water-balloon volley ball. And I actually caught some and succeeded to get them over the net this time, and was on TWO winning teams, including the girls against the guys…. every time the guys would get a score they would grunt in unison like monkeys – no wonder we ladies won. They got mad at us and took the left-over balloons and chased us off the field… throwing them at us… needless to say, everyone was a bit wet by the end of the day.

Had fun with my god children, we stopped in the Druze village for supper, had fun… visited my house for a while, and now home, chatting with my favorite person (guess who), and will try and hit the hay early….

I’ve posted a video of sunset from my home… hope you enjoy that too!


RichRH: The video didn’t play very well on my dial-up connection, but it was beautiful.
4/24/2007/9:24 PM