I just received an email that a precious friend and saint has died. I tried to find her obituary on the Internet, but maybe it’s too soon, as she only died a couple days ago. One of her friends remembered me and thought to let me know. I’m glad. My friend, Evenly Grey, only had a few nieces and nephews and I don’t think they would have known much about our friendship.

Evelyn was 20 years older than me, or so. I first got to know her through my mother. In fact, she was one of the few people I still had contact with who knew my Mom before they knew me! We became friends and she was an amazing encouragement to me over the years, sharing with me her struggles, victories, and faith in her Lord and Savior Jesus.

When I drove out to Colorado in November of 2010, following Rich’s death, I drove out to Minnesota to visit her. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and she was so excited to hear what God was doing in my life, and sharing some things she was working on… writing, encouraging others, and increasing in her love for Jesus and her burden for those who did not know him.

During my last visit to Michigan, before I returned to Israel, I thought I had lost contact with her and was so very upset. But a letter was forwarded to me and I was able to get a phone number and write as well as call her before I left. We had a nice time sharing… but she sounded a lot weaker than before. However she insisted she was quite well and happy in her new assisted living apartment.

I will miss Evelyn’s letters, talking with her, and her encouragement and prayers. And in missing her, I realize how very much I miss so many others who have gone on before me:
My parents: whom I should probably write about separately sometime, but from whom I learned and still learn much from gleaned memories.
Hugette; a dear lady who taught me a lot about growing old and staying faithful.
Bevin; a dear brother who taught me about patience, and reminded me that we must always battle sin, to the end
Heidi: A precious older lady who taught me about learning to let go of regrets and move on to what the Lord has for us, even when not what we wanted
Rich, my husband, whom I seem to miss more as the days go on.
And Judy, another precious friend whom I also miss more and more…

And as I lift my tears up to the Lord, I am so very thankful that someday death will be fully defeated, and we shall see the Lord face to face, and I will see all those who have gone before me, and we will be with our precious Savior forever.