It’s been a hard week. Starting with one of those days, it turned into one of those weeks—just plain long, filled with little frustrations, and things happening that resulted in waves of grief crashing into me.

But it has also been a good week. These situations and struggles help me to cling to my savior and take a closer look at HIS faithfulness. But it has also been a good week because of little surprises of encouragement, like a phone call from a friend with a Bible verse, and an email from one of my former students, now living in Canada, or a comment on Facebook that lets me know I may not be with my step-children, but I’m not forgotten.

Still, my friend who called me with a scripture verse made an interesting and surprising statement: “The Lord has impressed Psalm 118:17 on my heart for you. Debbie, you are immortal. Nothing can touch you until God chooses to take you to Himself, and He has a work for you, so press on, don’t give up. You are immortal…”

“I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the Lord.” Psalm 118:17

What an interesting take on this verse, immortality? Truthfully, I’ve never been one of those people that wanted to live forever, though I do admit to the vanity of youth—I never thought I’d grow old! (When I look in the mirror and see wrinkles I am certain the defect is in the mirror!) And truthfully, I’m not 100% certain I will die… Jesus may come back first.

But I have to admit, living seems so challenging these days. It’s not just that my husband has died. It’s the grief I feel when I look at the world and see the direction it is going in. When I share with people who find the faith interesting but say they prefer their way of life than honoring God (in those words!). Life does not attract me like it used to. But there is a fine line between wanting to die and wanting to live for the Lord, and as much as I say I want to live for the Lord, at times, being home with Him is far more attractive.

Yet, as long as I live, God wants me to live and “recount the deeds of the Lord.” Dragging through each day simply does not cut it, if God is who He is, and who I know He is. Attitude: the battle really is in the mind. And the amazing thing is, I am immortal! I will not die until God who has already counted my days, so chooses. So I need not fear frustrations, need, disease, accident, or war. And if that is the case, then in living I have much to live for. Because my hope is in the LORD the maker of heaven and earth, and the savior of my soul.

Thank you my dear friends for your words of encouragement over this past week. May you too be encouraged in your struggles as well, that we may recount the deeds of the Lord—together!