I never cease to be amazed at God’s goodness. I’ve shared about work, and finding a place to live… but God is moving in far more than just my life…

Friday I went to my god-daughter’s baptism. She and two others were baptized. Amazing testimonies of God’s grace, working in people’s hearts in such different ways. I would like to share with you what was shared by a young man from Russia now living in Israel. He was a drug addict, and had a huge file with the police here in Israel–over 24 arrests!

Just before his final arrest he had met a friend who has become a believer in Jesus. He had been stunned by the change. And so, he began to ask questions for the first time in his life. We are talking about a man that everyone was afraid of. He began going to meetings, and began to think maybe there was something else in life besides the way he was living. He heard about a place in Haifa where he could go to get off of drugs. And then he was arrested. This time, he was told that the odds of his being released were quite low. He was looking at hard time in prison.

The night before he went to court, he prayed, “God, if you are real, let them release me, and I will go to that place in Haifa and seek You and change.”

He went to court. The prosecuting attorney pressed the judge to impose a maximum sentence on this young man. He deserved it. His record showed that clearly. The testimony of others proved it. This young man did not deserve mercy.

He shared, “For the first time in all the times since I had been brought to court, the judge asked me if I had anything to say. They had never asked me anything before. They just read the charges, presented the evidence, and passed their sentence. I told the judge, ‘There is a place in Haifa where I want to go to get clean, they told me about God. I want to change. Let me go there.'”

The young man continued to speak, “The judge asked the prosecuting attorney what he thought. The attorney answered, ‘Who am I to stand in the way of giving this man a chance?’ The judge turned to me and said I was released, and I knew there was a God. I came to Haifa… and I tried to get off of drugs… and God in His mercy delivered me in one night… I want to live for Jesus.”

I wish you could have seen the joy in his face when he came out of the waters! All Glory to God!