I never cease to be amazed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drop or two, or lots, every year, at the Feast of Tabernacles, sooner or later there is rain. Sometimes it’s only a few drops, and then nothing for a month or so. Sometimes (not very often) the rains begin in earnest. But always, there is rain. Even when the holiday falls early in September, even when it falls in October. It doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Why should I be surprised? The Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot, marks the beginning of the rainy season in Israel. The holiday is traditionally marked by prayers for rain. But light is also associated with Sukkot according to Jewish tradition. Jesus celebrated this holiday, which is to be celebrated in temporary booths as a reminder of how God took care of His people in the wilderness. There is a very good article about Sukkot here if you would like to know more.

But for now, my thoughts are drawn to something else, and that is those temporary booths that remind us of our utter dependence on God to care for us. Those drops of rain… will they pour? Will it be windy? Living in a booth, I have to trust God to take care of me and meet my needs. Sometimes the drops of rain are muddy, getting everything dirty…

So much symbolism. I need Him to keep me clean; I need Him if I am going to stand strong in the winds of the world; I need Him to keep me safe in the midst of the pouring rains. I need my God, now more than ever.

And I am so thankful I am His… where would I be without the God of universe, who cares for me?

On that note, I have a prayer request… I really need the His strength in a special way this week. I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I will be representing my employer at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem. We are raising awareness, hopefully funds, and seeking contacts to help people in the Christian community to learn about the underground fortified hospital that we are building. A 1,500 car parking lot, with 72 hours notice, it will convert to the largest underground fortified hospital in the world–2,000 beds! While the building is close to completion, now we need to raise funds to equip it and have it in a state of readiness for whatever will come. (You can watch a video clip to learn more about Rambam.)

Isn’t it amazing that we are representing this project at the Feast of Tabernacles… surely this is a reminder that despite our human efforts, we are so dependent on God for everything, including peace in this region, and should there be wars and rumors of wars, we remain dependent on Him to keep us safe…

Thank you in advance for your prayers, and may you also know the peace of being sheltered in God’s love.