Sunset from Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel—what an awesome sight. The picture at the bottom of this page was one of the last pictures I took in Israel before I left—I thought—for good.

I came to Israel in 1982 and left in August of 2007, following my marriage. To my dismay, my husband died in August of 2010. We had exactly three years together. In August of 2011 I returned to Israel—you see, it had become my home. Rich and I had hoped to live in Israel together once his girls had married and we had established a home business. So you can imagine my mixed feelings when I returned here to live. I was happy to be back in Israel—but at what cost? Great cost, indeed.

However, Israel is far more important than serving as my current and past home. In fact, most of the Bible relates to Israel in some way. And if we have our hope based in God, sooner or later we have to come to grips with the issue of Israel. Is God faithful? Has He kept His promises, or has He forgotten Israel?

Quite truthfully, if God has forgotten Israel, then how can I be sure that He remembers me? If He has been unfaithful to His promise to Abraham, then what foundation of hope do I have? Either God is faithful all the time—or none of the time.

I am convinced that God has remained faithful to Israel. These pages share some of my poems inspired by life in Israel; both the good and the bad. As you read them I hope you gain a deeper understanding of God’s special love for Israel, and leave this site with a renewed commitment to pray for Israel and ALL the peoples living within her borders. And may your hope be based on the God who is true and faithful—to Israel—and to all who call upon Him in spirit and in truth.

Sunset on Mount Carmel

Sunset on Mount Carmel