I was greeted at the airport by one of my God children, Noa, and her mother, Cee (pronounced “see”). We had a lovely visit; took the train to Haifa where Cee’s husband and another friend picked us up and drove us to my new residence for the next seven months. My new room mate, Karin was there to greet us. She has been working very hard to get the apartment in order. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint and cleaning can do. Another friend had decorated my room, put up curtains, and I felt like I was at home!

Unpacked and slept most of the night. Yesterday was up early to get errands done. I then helped Karin with some cleaning. We tackled the kitchen windows which were quite a project to clean (because of the previous tenants who left them coated with cooking oil). I showed her how to use a special grease cutter made here in Israel and we got the windows shining. Then seeming disaster: Nothing we could do would allow the windows get back in place. We called the landlord and to my great surprise he came right over! (First time ever for something like that to happen in my LONG experience with landlords). Turns out the other tenants had put the windows in completely wrong… so the landlord spent quite a while figuring out just what they had done and undoing it, and then showed us what we need to know to make this process easy the next time we want to clean the windows (short form, they have to be removed from the frame in a certain order, returned in a certain order, and facing a certain direction, and each window has it’s own roller to rest on with a very specific size… wrong roller, disaster, somehow, the previous tenants had used the wrong rollers AND gotten the windows in place upside down!)

Today I’m going shopping (grin) with a friend for things we need (she has a car and can get me to the places where we can get better prices and quality), and this afternoon Karin and I hope to go to the beach. Where else to go and what else to do on these very hot humid days?

I rested very well last night, and find myself rejoicing in the Lord’s goodness.

Thank you all for your prayers as I begin this new chapter in my life.