Woke up thinking it was colder than usual. Boy was I right. Our fuel oil tank was on empty. Consequently, the inside temperature of the house was 50F and dropping.  The first floor temperature was soon to match the upstairs temperature as there are no heating vents on the top floor. BRRR.

We had been waiting for me to get paid from a small job, before we filled the tank, but the extra cold weather the last few weeks devoured the oil.

The girls noticed the chill – not a very nice birthday present for Emily, but we all survived with only a few hours of chill. The oil company came as soon as they could… perhaps sooner?

Their phone lines were acting up. I had to call 3 or 4 times and give the information to them in snippets. The last time I got through I was told, “We will call you back, I’m going to tell the manager in person. He has a cell phone and can call our driver…”

So by 9 am fuel oil was in. The driver even helped us bleed the lines of excess air so that the furnace could start without a problem Rich was thankful, as his son was at work, and he was the only one who knew how to do this!

Of course I lucked out. I had a job interview and test for working for the US Census. Don’t know if I’ll get the latter job, the interview was cancelled, but I did come home to a warm house <Grin>.

We had a nice evening for Emily’s birthday with all the kids. Though Phil’s brother came by and since no cars were in the driveway (Rich had to run errands and Andrea had the car at work), he assumed no one was home and left!!!

Lloyd comes, and I had completely forgotten that it was his birthday the day before, although less than 2 hours before I’d given his card to Rich to write in! Everyone laughed and admitted, well, your birthday WAS yesterday…

Roy made home-made sweet and sour chicken. I don’t know how he did it without a recipe. I left the kitchen wondering how the orange juice and pile of vegetables and cut up chicken would become sweet and sour chicken – something Emily really likes – but it came out great! I live in a family of chefs!

Emily seemed happy with her gifts, including an alarm clock that would play her iPod – a reason I was so very thankful she found her iPod (see my January 4 posting).

What a fun and crazy day!