Isn’t it a strange world? It began snowing last night – but not much stuck, just a light powder over the leaves and driveway – roads are all clear. Took the car in to be repaired today, and it cost $100 less than originally quoted! We are so thankful.

Then I found several job postings, all of which I’d enjoy doing. Applied for all of them and am hoping one of them comes through. Two of the positions are with a Christian organization that sounds very interesting. The day ended with four calls from recruiters for the same position.

Rich and I were talking earlier today. I told him that I just have to accept that once I’ve put out my resume and applied for the jobs, I will not get any job but the one HE has for me… and that is more important than anything.

It’s weird. I started out this morning feeling so, well, desperate. Finally spent some time reading and praying, and again being reminded of priorities, and of how temporary this world is. It is easy to forget.

But isn’t that what being Hope Challenged is about? We fight a battle daily to cling to the hope which we know is true, as opposed to the falst hope this world offers.

It stuns me to think that so many people think that the President Elect is going to bring America the change and hope our country needs. Hope can never be based in any man, for eventually, all men will fail. I am so glad my hope is in the Creator of the Universe… a much more solid foundation. My job? To remember this every day, no matter what happens.