I think its finally sinking in that I’m back in Israel. I had an amazing day which started at around 4:30 am, more or less… I couldn’t sleep, as I didn’t want to miss getting up by 5:30 to catch a bus around 6:30 am. I had been talking with a friend a few days before, from the place where I used to work in Israel, and she arranged a meeting for me with the president of the company who just happened to be there for a visit… He had been involved in hiring me to work there some 14 years past.

So I caught the 6:41 bus which was supposed to arrive at the central bus station at 7:30, in time for the 7:45 but to get me to the new offices, way outside of Haifa by 8:30 am or so. Only the the 7:26 bus was late and arrived at 6:35, and I got on that one instead (thinking the 6:41 was early). As a result, I landed at the central station at 7:00 am! But the wait was nice, watching people, enjoying the buses coming and going, and feeling like I was getting used to things. All went smoothly (other than having to walk through some mud to cross a street after I got off the bus).

Entered the offices of the building and saw this huge photo on the wall of the employees of the company from 1997 – with me in the front row! My goodness was I surprised to see that picture. What memories… and people started greeting me and it was like coming home. So many hugs, kisses, greetings, questions, and of course everyone wanted to know when I’m coming back… if I’m coming back… and all I could say is, I don’t know… we shall see what happens… God knows…

Had a nice meeting with the now president of the company, shared some pictures with him, and caught up with the news… and answered his questions about my availability for work. He said he is going to check into possibilities in Israel and in the US… no promises… but we shall see what happens.

Spent the rest of the day, until nearly 2 pm visiting with other friends and colleagues, filling them in with the news, and sharing with them what is going on in my life, and thanking them for their emails and encouragement after Rich went to be with the Lord.

Earlier in the week I got to go to the wedding of a young girl in our congregation (well, young next to me), whom I remember from when she was just a little and very active young thing. So nice to see friends from all over Israel gathered to celebrate her marriage. Provided a chance to see a lot of people whom I’d not seen in a long time as well. And enjoy the beauty of spring in Israel.

We are enjoying a period of great grace–what the Bible calls “the latter rains”–I’m not really prepared because the heavy rains make everything quite cool, but the thunder, lightening, and rain is a blessing for Israel. This is the first winter in many in which we’ve gotten rain. Not enough to replenish the Sea of Galilee (called Kinneret in Hebrew), but better than no rain at all. Definitely a great grace for this land.

I found a chiropractor to help with my back problems, and he uses similar to techniques to the one I had in Michigan (Hallelujah), and it turns out, he knows my doctor here in Israel–both of whom are Israeli Arabs. So he told me what to tell my doctor, and I may yet get some physical therapy to strengthen my back muscles. That and all this walking to catch buses and get places has got to be good for me.

I suppose these seems like rather mundane little details, but each one is a bookmark to me of God’s goodness in meeting every need, both small and great. I like being able to take each day, one at a time, and leave the future in HIS good hands. Now, to learn this lesson in such a way that I can live like this always…