Well, yesterday was quite a day. I had some ladies (10) over last night to teach them how to make home made falaffal, hummus, and Israeli salad. I used a friend’s recipie (Layla), and man – was it fun! Noisy, crowded, confusion, and good food – I felt like I was back in Israel.

One of the ladies in our congregation is in her 80s and was thrilled to help… she LOVED the falaffal and kept taking more, saying, “these are better than the ones I ate on my trip to Israel!” First time I’d had that kind of meal since I left Israel. Several of the ladies commented on what fun they had and that we need to do more activities like this.

One of the husbands came and visited with Rich – so he was not left on his own. We all had a great time. It was so nice to have a house full of people, laughter, fun, and sharing.

Days like that fill me with hope. Yes, I do need to get some work, and soon, but life is not just about work. It was nice to completely forget about work for a while, and to just be and enjoy friends.

So yes, you can find falaffal in Michigan, just come over and visit and I can show you… o, but please bring your own food processor – smashing those garbanzos by hand can be a pain! <grin>

So today I have to focus on a presentation at a professional meeting tomorrow… but did want to keep you posted!