I was reading the news this morning, and realized that today is election day in Israel. I do not know how things will turn out. I find it rather disconcerting that one of the major players, Bibi Netanyahu, is up for consideration. How could he even be a part of the game? The country already gave him one vote of no confidence.

As I look at what is happening in Israel, I realize that they are suffering from the same problem so many are suffering from. The lack of true leadership. In today’s world, it seems like all of the leaders have their own agenda. Ceratinly the best good of a nation and her people is only a buzz word. Today’s world, and perhaps it has almost always been that way, has been about power and control.

Yet control is elusive. A figment of our imaginations. So quickly everything spins out of control. Then what.

I love my people, Israel. I love my nation, Israel. I love my people in the US. I love my nation the US. A citizen of both nations, I am deeply concerned for both.

In Israel, there is rarely a comprehension of why they really exist. I remember asking a soldier once, after he told me he did not believe in God, and that Abraham was a myth, “Then what are you fighting for? If the Jewish people are based on a myth, and God did not make a covenant with Abraham, why are you Jewish? Everything you are fighting for is based on a lie.”

He looked shocked… and admitted he had never considered that perspective before. Israel IS REAL — and Israel is so closely intertwined with God’s plan for this world that it is too awesome for words. But as was written in the prophets:

…My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

And so now, elections come, and again, the hope is in a new, god-less leader, and not in the God who made a covenenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Elections came in America. I knew of many Christians who but their hope in President Obama.

God’s people perish for lack of knowledge. We have let ourselves think that the worlds solutions are the solutions that God’s people can live with. But they are not.

The same word for Israel applies to America:

“If my people, which are called by MY name, will humble themselves and pray.. then will I hear from heaven… and heal their land.”

O Israel, O America, return to the God of Creation, the one true God.

May the results of the elections not be the beginning of judgement for our rebellion, but a beginning of hope because we have repented and turned to Him.