It is hot. Well DUH! It’s summer, isn’t it supposed to be hot? Of course, but it’s the humidity on Haifa’s coast that makes it really hot. Officially, the humidity is 60%, but my friend’s hygrometer measures it at 80%.

On my way home from finishing errands, I noticed the trees, grass, and flowers behind my apartment. The trees are flourishing, a few flowers dare to raise their faces to the burning sun, and much of the grass is green. But it hasn’t rained, and humidity doesn’t mean the water gets into the earth. And then I remembered a verse from Scripture:

I will be as the dew to Israel

And I remembered the drought God brought on the Land in response to Ahab and Israel’s idolatry. Scripture says there was no rain or dew for three years.

No rain I understand. We have big fluffy clouds drifting over the Carmel Mountains and then on over the Mediterranean. Clouds that look the same in September/October will release their blessed moisture to our thirsty dry land. But since May, and until fall, no rain will fall. If it does, it will be in grudging drops greedily swallowed by the earth, with no thought of gratitude. Those drops are never enough.

Then how can grass be green, flowers bloom, and trees flourish? The secret is dew. Hidden, quiet, humble, unnoticed unless you rise in the early hours of beckoning dawn, when great droplets of moisture cover the earth, every grass-blade, flowing over the form and shape of every leaf and flower, trickling down into the earth, right over the roots, which gulp down the rain and shine gratitude in blossoms, leaves, and color, to shine as jewels laying on brown parched earth.

Israel can survive without rain. But without dew?

And the Lord wants to be as the dew to Israel. Covering us gently in His life-giving presence, gently, humbly, feeding our roots, so that we might flourish and grow and shine like jewels in this world suffering the greatest drought of all history, a drought of Godliness and faith.

This is especially comforting to me as I realize nearly two years have passed since He took Rich to be home with Him. The Lord is my dew.