OK, so that means I finally have a crowned tooth—which was mostly painless and now my root canal is done.

Spent most of my free time today finishing up my wedding list of people I really want to invite from work and looking up a caterer for my wedding. Weddings are SO different in Israel. I was looking at one menu which included wine. I told one lady at work that we didn’t need wine. Her response? “Debbie, once you start inviting people, you can’t go just by what you want… people expect wine at weddings…”

So, I’m like, OK, I guess there’ll be wine… actually though, I think I may have found a good, kosher caterer with the kind of food I wanted all along, Quiche, salads, cheeses, and milk-based deserts. “Halavi” milk kosher style food, as opposed to meat. Kosher food means, besides no pork or seafood, that you don’t eat milk with meat or meat with milk. I have to have kosher, if I want my colleagues from work to attend—and so, kosher it is!

Then someone else called with a lead to another possible caterer. So I will check them both out, and then decide… would appreciate your prayers that I choose well and wisely… I do want people to enjoy themselves…

Then I have to begin working on the invitations. I’m thinking of a combination of printed and e-invitations… and maybe find a way that people can let me know on-line that they are planning on attending, so I can have fairly accurate figures for the seating arrangements…. my goodness—and I haven’t even visited Rich and his family yet!

But I am SO looking forward to May 13 because I fly to the US, and on the 16th, arrive in Chicago. I hope I sleep on the plane… it is going to be a very intense few days… poor Rich—by the time he picks me up on the 16th, all I may want to do is sleep for the next week! I don’t think I’ll do that to him. I wonder if they make IV caffeine yet?

If you had told me a year ago that I would be getting married in August—I would have said they were out of their minds… who, me? This OLD lady? I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing Rich into my life…

Sometimes, I am simply stunned at the Lord’s graciousness towards me… He has given me so much: Israel, China, my god children, different skills for work, dear brothers and sisters literally from all around the world, so much fulfillment as a single woman in so many ways, and now, just when I thought it was hopeless, He has brought an amazing man into my life, and all of the people who are so special to him—his children, his friends, his family…

All I can do is say thank you to my Father in heaven… well, I have to get going, but thought you’d like to know how things are going… Rejoicing in Him!




I’m also rejoicing in Him. God has brought you into my life, and before the summer is over we will be married. I so look forward to you becoming part of the family, and them getting to know the lady I have come to know and cherish.


RichRH 4/19/2007/1:34 PM