It feels like only yesterday I was in the USA visiting with family and friends in the USA—but a look at my calendar confirms that we are only one week from Christmas. So much has happened since I returned, and I’ve not shared yet about my trip, so I’d like to share a little about my trip and update you regarding my book, including information about special pricing for the Kindle version from December 19-24.

My trip to the USA was wonderful. From the day I landed to the day I left, I was truly carried by God’s grace and surrounded by His love. (I still am, but I particularly experienced an outpouring during my trip).

I started out in Pennsylvania and visited with my cousins, a great-aunt, and some of their friends. It was so nice to catch up with them all, hear their news, share with them my news, and enjoy a bit of nature together.

My next stop was Michigan. As usual, I stayed with a friend and my step-son Lloyd loaned me his car. The timing couldn’t have been better. Lloyd had just gotten his own congregation and I was there to help a bit with the unpacking as he and his family moved into the parsonage, and I got to hear his first sermon as their official pastor! All the siblings, and even Rich’s brother came! Other highlights were being able to have a special time with each of my grandchildren, except for Asa, who still wasn’t sure what to think of me. One evening, while playing with Abigail, she turned to me and said, “I don’t want you to go away again, you have to stay here.” She was quite emphatic about it. I also enjoyed a special time with my other grandchildren Amaya, Ben, and Ivy, and each of Rich’s other kids. I was in grandma heaven!

Another huge blessing was that the entire family helped and came to my official book launch on October 11. Grand Valley Baptist Church, the congregation Rich and I had attended, was kind enough to offer the use of their facilities, and several of my friends made sure we had refreshments and that everything looked nice. You can watch an edited version of the book launch on YouTube. The video is about an hour in duration. Lloyd was the MC and led everyone in dedicating the book to the Lord. I sang a song, and then the artist who did the closing art in my book shared about his inspiration for the drawing. (The actual drawing looks much nicer than it appears in my book. If you register on my author website you can access a free print quality version of the drawing). After a session with questions and answers everyone had the opportunity to visit with each other, buy books, and get them signed.

I also was approached by Southwest Radio Church to do an interview about my book. That was also broadcast while I was in Michigan—nationwide, twice a day for a whole day! Click to listen to the 20 minute interview.

From Michigan I flew to Ohio to visit with friends from my Ohio University days and to attend the Igniting Souls 2016 Conference. I don’t know which was more amazing, renewing contact with some friends whom I’d not seen in more than 30 years or meeting people whom I’d only known as a name and picture on Facebook. I’ve attended a lot of conferences before, and this was the first one that I wished would continue… I met so many amazing people, and was blessed to find that they really were all as nice and caring in person as they were online! (With the problem I had with my back, one brother, Terry, was a special gift as he had rented a car and I did not have to carry anything or do any long walking throughout the entire conference!) There too, I had the opportunity to share about my book. You can view that speech here.

As I shared in another post, the last day of the conference was a struggle for me spiritually… but the Lord helped me to get through and I am so thankful for all I learned and am still learning.

With the Psalmist, all I can say about my trip is this:

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His faithful love endures forever… Let those who fear the Lord say, ‘His faithful love endures forever.’. (Psalm 118:1,4)

Many people have been asking me how my book is doing. Truthfully, sales are a bit slow. Part of that is because I’m still learning how to market well, and partly because I need to find ways to reach people outside of my own circle. I have, however, been encouraged. Just today I received a lovely email from a lady who read my book. She was greatly encouraged by it and encouraged to make the aim of her life to “be a blessing” for God’s glory. Others have shared with me as well that they found healing for past hurts as they worked through the experiences I share. For me, their stories make the investment in publishing this book so very worthwhile. I know that God will use what is of Him for His glory, and am trusting Him to use my story to encourage others.

I’ve been asked to give an Internet-based workshop based on my book for members of Christians in Recovery (CIR), an organization that helped me a great deal many years ago when I was still trying to come to grips with things that had happened in my past. This will be a four-week workshop in January, and they are allowing people to join CIR just so they can take this workshop. Visit the Christians in Recovery Website for more information.

From December 19-24, the Kindle version of my book is on sale. Normally the cost is $8.99, but on December 19, from 8 am (EST) it will be on sale for $1.99. This is called a “countdown” sale, so the price will gradually go up. I hope you will take this opportunity to get the Kindle version, and possibly consider buying copies as gifts for friends who need encouragement and hope in their own challenging situations at this time of year.

I’d appreciate your prayers for all of these endeavors, that God would be glorified through them. Please tell others about my book, and if you do read it, please leave an honest review on Amazon. To date I have more than 30 very positive 5 star reviews. However, once I reach 50 reviews, Amazon does more to help promote my book—or so I’m told.

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. Many of you have written privately to me, and I deeply appreciate your support. However God uses my book to bless others, you too are a part of that blessing!