When I married Rich and returned to the States to live, I experienced real snow and cold for the first time in years. Brrrr. I think I’m only half-joking when people ask me why I came to Israel and I replay, “for the weather!”

It gets chilly here in Israel, but not that bone chilling cold that not even a heater can warm up. And what does that have to do with anything?

I was visiting a website and there was a poetry challenge, so I thought I’d try. The challenge? To write a poem beginning with “and the adornment of ice.” Now there’s a challenge. I remember kidding Rich, “You have to admit, the first snow IS beautiful,” and he would grumpily reply with a contradictory smile, “No I don’t.”

But the awe and wonder of God’s creation really hit me when I saw the movie, “The March of the Penguins.” If you haven’t seen it–do. You will never view snow, ice, cold, or penguins the same again. I was in awe at how God created this amazing animal and gave it the ability to survive the terrible cold of Antarctica. But it was also heartbreaking to watch the penguins grieving over a broken egg or a baby penguin killed by exposure to the forces of nature. If these animals grieve, how much more then, do we?

But all this is from God, who knows what He is doing. So, to write my poem, I looked up the word “ice” in the Bible, and found a few interesting references. All of which reminded me of a powerful, omnipotent, and loving creator. If he can enable the penguins to stand before His cold, He can enable us to stand before all He allows to come our way. And my heart is comforted yet again by God’s word.

Hope you enjoy this poem and may you find comfort in the God of Creation.


The Adornment of Ice

And the adornment of ice
by God’s breath is given.
Broad waters frozen fast,
the frost of heaven,
and snow hidden crevices.

“Who can stand before His cold?”
the Psalmist asks.

But I have seen the penguins dance
In birthing ballet
A dance more rigorous than human labor
Their very bodies shielding from
cold crystals hurled like crumbs.

With Job
I lay my hand on my mouth
and adore.

(with inspiration from Job 6:16, Job 37:10, Job 38:29 and Psalm 147:17)