In some places this season is filled with celebrations, decorations, and shopping. In others, the birth of Messiah is ignored. Yet, all those who believe in Him are well aware of the significance of this season whether they view it as a celebration or a desecration.

Perhaps it is time to stop taking sides (whether or not to celebrate), and to just accept it for what it is–a day picked to celebrate the incarnation of our savior–a day that is such a reminder of who He is (Christmas) that our world, society, and all the forces of hell will do what they can to distract us from the wonder of what God has done for us. Salvation in a baby who became a man with the express purpose of dying for us, to impart on us HIS righteousness… to all who believe.

May your Christmas be filled with joy in Jesus.

Christmas Meditation

So many words
bottled like wine
longing to overflow
they are startled
into silence.

Swirling in the
releasing their aroma
permeating the air.


Like incense
perfuse my senses
their smoke wafting upwards
mingling with the praise
of His people.

Glory and gratitude
Awe and wonder
Joy and adoration
twirling, swirling
ascending on high
a soothing fragrance
filling eternity.