Yesterday I drove to Chicago. The traffic was not as bad as it could have been, but bad enough. Had a nice visit with friends, and ate home made Chinese Hot Pot – yum! Read a few books to their daughter, and we had a nice evening sharing and catching up with each other.

Got on the road at 8:30 am… the traffic in Chicago was horrible. I am SO thankful for my GPS. I knew where to go, but the cars would not let me over into the lane I needed, so was forced to go the wrong way. The dreaded (now welcome) “Recalculating” voice was heard and within 15 min I was back on track. For… Lake City, Minnesota to visit an elderly friend whom I’ve known for I guess 30 years or more…

I drove up North through Wisconsin, crossed the Mississippi and then drove north along the Mississippi. The scenery was amazing. I didn’t stop to take pictures as I wanted to arrive at a decent time to be with Evelyn. But oh, what an amazing day. Had the air conditioner on for a while… was actually too warm! And I packed all my summer clothes. Crazy… flurries and ice last week, and summer this week. But I’m thankful as, apparently, there will be good weather all the way on to Colorado.

Had a wonderful time with Evelyn. Neither of us are younger… hmmm… but the view was wonderful. We ate at a reasonably priced restaurant on the river with a view and all… …came back and shared photos and pulled out my guitar… we sat singing old songs and giving thanks to God for His love for us… a blessed evening. God IS Good.

Tomorrow I’ll be up early and begin the 14 hour trek to Colorado. I hope to put in a lot of hours driving tomorrow, so I can get in to Fort Collins at a decent time. More later….