So what do they all have in common? Today we had an international pot luck at church… came home and noticed again how beautiful our cherry tree is in the front yard, and daffodils growing here and there along the road way… our daffodils have already come and gone…..

Rich is feeling stronger each day, and a new job opportunity has presented to him. It won’t pay a lot, but it will bring good experience and could open doors for the future – and its writing about things he is interested in. I have also had a contact ask me about doing writing for doctors overseas who need an English speaker to edit their papers for publication… am waiting to see if that develops… could be very promising.

Today is colder than usual… I made home-made hummus, which for some crazy reason, everyone pronounces “hamas” – most of the people liked it… and those that didn’t? Left more for those who DID like it to take home. One lady has a daughter coming home from the overseas today. She took some for her daughter to try.

I need to get pictures up soon … just have not had time, but stay tuned!

Rejoicing in our Lord…