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Just Saying…

In the midst of all these upbeat blog posts, I have to be truthful. I’ve been having a rough few weeks. I suppose that is why I’ve not shared a lot lately. Who wants to hear the bummer thing, stressing about decisions, finances, family, work, grief… Yeah, you caught that last one. In August Rich […]

A Different Type of Memorial Day

As most of you know by now, in the Jewish year, the day starts in the evening. Hence, this evening is the beginning of Holocaust Memorial Day. The newspapers have been running stories about the Holocaust—those who died and those survived—daily, ever since Passover ended. In Israel, the focus is primarily on the 6 million […]

Taking a Stand

When I was in nursing school in the 1970s, our class received a lecture from people in support of abortion. I was reprimanded by my instructors for inciting violent reactions by asking the questions, “how can you justify taking a life, regardless the age.” I did not apologize and I told the instructor that this […]