Well, it’s been ages since I’ve had time to write. Been quite busy with work and everything. I don’t know if I mentioned that our congregation was renovated. We had the dedication last Friday. We can now hold 150 people comfortably… it was a lovely evening. Saw lots of friends whom I’d not seen in ages… I was asked to sing, prepared a duet with a young lady in the congregation. I think it went well.

Plans, plans, plans… what is happening? Well, Rich arrives here in Israel on March 30. I’m so looking forward to introducing him to my friends and taking him sight seeing… In May I have to give a presentation at an international professional conference in Minneapolis. After that I will go on to Grand Rapids for almost 2 weeks to see Rich and meet his family, friends, church…. see his side of the world.

Lord willing, we are looking at a date of August 10. I think I’ve found a wonderful place for us to have our wedding here in Israel. It’s on top of Mount Carmel – not in a building. Lots of air and light. I am breaking with tradition and have the wedding on a late Friday morning. The site for the ceremony has lots of trees and shade with view on all sides… so now I need to meet with the people who prepare the place, etc… We would appreciate your prayers. There will be many non-believers there and I want there to be enough room for everyone, but more importantly – that it will be a blessing and speak to the hearts of all of my colleagues.. my only chance to share the reason for my hope with them all in one non-threatening occasion…

Originally Rich and I had talked about doing another wedding in Grand Rapids… but friends here, and some people he knows are all asking, but how can you have a second wedding if you are already married. We aren’t sure what we are going to in Grand Rapids, but we want to have something that is kind of a ceremony/dedication/ celebration but without the vows, and with some music, scripture reading, his kids (of course!) and a blessing for whoever is able to come… Once we know the exact dates, etc. we’ll let you know.

In the meanwhile, we would sure appreciate your prayers. We both have so much to do, so many responsibilities, different stresses, but stress is there… we so need to see the hand of the Lord leading us every step of the way… and to keep our eyes on Him, and trust Him to give wisdom and meet our needs.

Also, I know Rich would not mind if you pray for his flight to Israel, that it would be safe and eventless… You can pray I find the airport! Smiley

I have lots of pictures from Purim… haven’t had time to post them… patience! The Lord bless you and feel free to share your thoughts, comments, ideas, suggestions! One thing I am certain, our wedding is going to be unique!


RichRH — 3/14/2007/9:32 PM
I’ll be there to see you in just over two weeks. I can hardly wait! I don’t know what isn’t unique about our relationship, so I’m sure our wedding will be as well.