Have you guessed by the title? You got it… I have bronchitis… again! Unbelievable. It seems like me and bronchitis are like shoes and socks… so I get to stay home and rest… as long as I need… I hope tomorrow will be enough… too much to do at work. How did I find out? I decided I guessed I should see the doctor when I was at work, yawned, and started choking, and freaked out two people at work who thought I was in trouble (I wasn’t, just couldn’t stop coughing…). So I visited the doctor and asked him if he wanted the good news or the bad news. He gave me a weird look and said, “I guess the good news.”

So I told him I am engaged and he was thrilled for me… and we had a nice chat about that… then he asked for the bad news, gave me my check up and said, “yup, you have bronchitis.. you seem to get it a lot…” So he is trying a different treatment… with some children’s meds, to see if that will have a better effect… anyway… all else is well. And my cat Guay is VERY happy to have me home!

So for all the rest of you blog readers… have a wonderful bronchitis-less day!



CMCOgan — 1/22/2007/1:28 PM
Am glad you are able to make someone happy out of your misery. Hope you get well soon. A friend was going to visit today but she sounded like the flu. I guess it’s going round.

RichRH — 1/22/2007/5:38 PM

I’m glad you got the doctor to help you. And it’s probably fitting he gave you kid’s meds. 5+1= 6 you know.
Get some rest and enjoy your time with Guay!
Take care my dear Dvora!
Your “R”