So, yesterday was Rich’s birthday.  I had asked him what he would like for dinner, and he said he hadn’t had web burritos in a long time. I was like, “what are those?” He was kind enough to find a recipe on for “Grand Rapids Wet Burritos.”

The ingredients were simple enough, but I was sure glad that Andrea helped me. Otherwise I’d have been wrapping food into soft tortilla shells for at least an hour! The end of the story, the burritos were great, and all were happy.

Phil came for Rich’s birthday as well. He gave him a great sweater and also a warm vest, both much needed. A good fit. Also a copy of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, with the comment, “Of course it all may become obsolete the way the government is going.” All the others also had special gifts for Rich. I could tell it made him feel good. He needed to know how much people care for him.

So, I learned to make wet Burritos. One of Rich’s gifts was a bunch of nice games for everything from 1 to 6 players. We played Chinese Checkers. I had not played that since I was a kid. His older son, Lloyd, won (I think in revenge for me forgetting his birthday on Tuesday, even though it was on Monday).

Once everyone went home, I showed Rich how to use Facebook, from a perspective he could appreciate.  And so ended Thursday.

Today, the job hunt continues, I need to finish up a couple of projects for some clients, and then try to do some straightening up around the house.

My emotions move from up to down and back again. Sometimes my feelings of hope are the same. It may seem crazy, but when I see Rich happy, things feel a lot more hopeful.

He has a doctor appointment on Monday. I pray for wiscom and insight to help him improve.