I’ve always had the philosophy, “Ask, the worst someone can say is no—then I’m no worse off than I was before.” But it seems like I’ve been forgetting how to ask, at least in prayer. Maybe that is why I was so surprised when I finally did pray, and God graciously answered them all—quickly.

I was starting to get stressed. I’d done what I usually do to find someone to stay in my apartment while I will be gone in Nov/Dec to visit family in the US. But no good arrangement was working out. So I prayed, and the next day someone who NEEDS a place for those three weeks, and is willing to care for the cats and loves to play piano became available.

I had just gotten a new car, and due to a misjudgment on my part, ended up with a nice big dent that has to be fixed since it is via leasing. Two major body parts of the car need replaced: the door and the front left side. Ouch. I’ve been panicking about the insurance, and then, as a last though prayed. That day, the insurance bill for the next year came in the mail. It was terribly high without factoring in this ding on my insurance. So I called, and asked if they would lower the rate, even though I have a pending claim. And they did—by NIS 1,000!

Then Delta Airlines changed one of my flights to something very inconvenient. I called to ask, why, and can I have my other flight back? Instead they suggested a better flight that will get me into Grand Rapids 2 hours earlier rather than an hour later than planned.

Today the message in my congregation was about prayer… I was reminded that I have not because I ask not… but more importantly I was reminded of the place the Holy Spirit has in my prayers. I realized that I avoid praying because I so often feel like such a failure. But God knows my weaknesses, and in Romans 8 I was reminded that the Holy Spirit prays in me and through me, despite me!

So if you are avoiding praying like I’ve been doing, because you feel like you are a failure, or unworthy, whatever, be encouraged: Go ahead and ask—Our Father does not give His children stones.