Monday I went apple picking with my youngest daughter and one of her friends. What fun! I’d never been apple picking before, and haven’t really been getting out much, between work and other things. So it was a really nice day. Never knew apples could taste so different from each other. When we were done, she took some apples to make pie, applesauce and other stuff with, and I took apples to make some home-made apple butter with, and we agreed to trade some.

I think a good time was had by all.

That evening, both girls dropped by and gave me apple pie, applesauce, apple crumble, and apple muffins. Too yummy! Such wonderful blessings and surprises fill me with hope.

So now I’m trying to make apple butter. It’s been on the stove all day, trying to get it thinned down to an appropriate thickness. I’ve added so much sugar, I think I’ve put my year’s supply in this pot… but then, I know two girls for whom you really can’t have too much sugar, so I’m hopeful the apple butter will come out OK.

Apparently, Michigan is famous for apples. Well, these sure are good ones. But like I said, I never thought there could so many different kinds with so many different flavors. Makes me want to ask my creator how He thought of that – what made Him come up with so many different fruits, and varieties…

So I will think about good apples and good times and let these make me smile, rather than think about my car which had to get a ball joint or something replaced… but it is getting over 30 miles a gallon on the highway…

Hmm, I wonder if Appleoline would be a good Michigan fuel for cars? The apple butter could replace axle grease. (This blogger should NEVER consider becoming a mechanic!)