Not having any idea what I’d like to share with you, I thought I might share my week with you… it’s been interesting to say the least!

Sunday morning got up early to meet the former owners of my car and do the title transfer. Caught the bus and got there right on the dot of 8:30 am! I’m telling you, perfect timing does not happen often in Israel! After a bit of confusion with paperwork, all was done and I got in my car to drive to the center of town (called Hadar) and get a parking sticker for my car, since I live on a street with paid parking only.

Found out that the information I’d received was partial, AND that the owners gave me an OLD copy of the car registration. But the former owner just happened to be in Hadar at the same time, popped over, gave me the correct registration, the clerk was merciful to me and gave me the sticker without all the proper documentation, got home, just happened to find a place to park at 10:30 am near my apartment (which is near the hospital which has no parking), and got to work by 10:45. That evening I spent the evening battling with our Internet Provider and Wireless provider, trying to get a functioning Internet connection to my computer. Alas, to no avail… to bed late, up early…

Monday, I simply had to get some shopping done, and wanted to go out with my new car, but got this crazy idea to look at a couple of apartments in a neighborhood called Neve Shanan… not near the hospital, but happens to be a nice neighborhood on the direct bus line to the hospital where I work, AND near my God-children and their parents. I fell in love with the apartment, but not the price… but couldn’t shake how much I liked it. On the eighth floor, it has a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea and the peninsula to the far North just before the border of Lebanon. Windows across the entire living room, kitchen, and one of the bedrooms; a well-arranged kitchen, and decent size bathroom and toilet room (in Israel the toilet is usually in a room separate from the tub/shower). On the way home, did some shopping, and just happened to get a decent parking space, again near where I live.

Unfortunately the Internet was still not working, and battled with the providers again, and still sporadic service… to bed late again.

At work the next day, didn’t have much to do and didn’t accomplish much, but when I got home, suddenly the Internet was working, at least partially, and so rushed to get some private work done that was overdue. At a certain point though, the speed just plain slowed down, and then after 30 min of uploading my work, I was informed of a fatal error that meant a total waste of time; an error which if the program had told me HOW to enter comments and what symbols NOT to use, would never have happened. By now it was 11 pm, and I just wanted to sleep.

I prayed, “Lord, please let the second upload go faster so that I can get to bed.” And then I pulled out my evening devotional, read it, looked at the computer, and lo and behold, it just happened to read, upload successful. And THAT got me to thinking, because I’d been thinking about the apartment I’d seen all day, trying not to think, but you know how that goes.

Slept, and woke up around 5 am today, and found myself praying, and thinking about the tapestry a friend put on my wall, “Wait on the Lord,” and somehow I just knew, I will see the apartment again, and see if I can get it to rent. And trust the Lord for my emergencies. Feeling great peace, I went to turn on my bedside light and heard a loud POP and the light winked out.

I thought the lightbulb burned out… but discovered that the electric no longer worked in half the apartment! And then I realized that this too was an answer to prayer, because my room-mate (Karin) and I have been discussing for weeks that we don’t like the sparks that fly when we plug stuff in. Most recently, she got an electric burn on her hand when she touched the stove while turning off the gas. With the electric not working in half the apartment, now the landlord HAS to do something.

And as I share this, I realize, I don’t know if I’ll get the apartment I saw or not. But what I do know is this: All these things just happened to strengthen my faith, encourage me, and remind me that my hope is not in my salary, my landlord, or government bureaucracy. My hope is in the LIVING GOD who made the heavens and the earth, and for some crazy, incomprehensible reason, He loves me and is taking care of me… and I am so grateful.

P.S. Forgot to mention that Saturday night I just happened to find decent tickets to get to the US for my step-daughter’s wedding in June!