God is so very good. Thank you for your prayers. I just received a phone call: I have the contract job. Formally, it will be for one month, starting on Aug. 20 or 21 (like the day after Rich and I return from our time out West with Layla and Jon)… but unofficially, the work needed will take longer. The person who interviewed me also said, “If you do well and people like what you do, we like to hire good people…”

The interview was amazing. I was brought into a lovely room, completely set up with my file open, in front of the lady interviewing me. I saw that my resume was in the folder with a lot of items noted, underlined, and high lighted. She looked at and then looked at me, and said, “Well, you must be very proud of yourself.”

I was surprised by the statement and how she said it, it was like a challenged. Without even thinking, I smiled, looked her straight in the eyes, and said, “No, I’m thankful. I’ve had so many opportunities, learned so much, and all I can say is I’m thankful, very very thankful.”

She fell back in her chair and had a surprised look on her face. “Well, that certainly is a different take on things.”

So we talked, she told me more about the company and the project, and even how I would handle things, and what equipment/software I would need. The clincher was the portfolio that I had brought with me. She looked through it all, and spoke about how what I had done for others was what her department needed.

When I left, I was so excited and encouraged, especially since she had promised I would hear the next day. And in deed, just an hour ago, I received the call. I will be meeting with the agency on Monday or Tuesday to finalize the paperwork.

There is more to pray for. The work will be with a huge international company, and apparently, from all I’ve heard, getting in with them is often a first step towards being hired, and they keep people until they retire. In addition, this is one of the few companies untouched by recession. So I am praying that the Lord in His goodness would cause this work to transition to full-time permanent.

In the meanwhile, please keep me in prayer. I have been asked to continue with the Internet-based contract work, which is 20 hours a week. I hope to do this evenings and weekends, since for now, officially, the new work is only for one month.  I will need HIS strength to be able to do it all… but Rich and I see this as HIS good provision.

O Thank YOU Jesus! May the Lord get all the glory!