Well, its Mother’s Day in the US of A and everyone is celebrating… Rich and I bought flowers and candy for his Mom. In addition, his oldest daughter is here visiting with the grandchildren, so all the girls, Rich and I went to wish his Mom a happy mothers day.

She was happy to have us all, and enjoyed watching her great grandchildren play while we chatted. She loves to read, and after much prayer, have loaned her a devotional book which I hope will draw her to think of things of the Lord. I also have a video of the author’s life which she said she will enjoy watching. So pray for Beth that the Lord reaches her heart before her journey here on earth is over….

Yesterday Rich took me plant shopping and I bought a few flowers and planted them in our front yard. Perfect timing… a light rain today… they look nice and I am hoping they will grow and brighten our yard….

The Lord is GOOD… well have a great week!