For some crazy reason, I was convinced my daughter-in-law Kristina Mae would have a boy. Well I had a 50-50 chance, and I lost… yesterday I became a new grandmother. Early in the morning on Friday Lloyd issued a hurried post on Facebook (FB), they were on the way to the hospital in snowy weather; Kristina’s water broke.

A few hours later, Kristina’s mom posted the first baby pics, and shortly after that I got a FB message from Lloyd, “You can call, I’m free, can’t find your phone number.”

And so, I called and Lloyd joyfully shared the news. As we said our goodbye’s, he said, “Talk to you later Grandma!” And I almost cried.

You see, not only am I new Grandma, but without intending, their baby’s name is a very special gift to me. Lloyd had heard a sermon many years ago about Abigail and David. From that moment he had wanted his first daughter’s name to be Abigail. Abigail, in Hebrew means “My Father’s Joy.” What a wonderful name, to remind you always, how loved you are, by your physical father, and by your heavenly father. And of course the Abigail in the Bible was an amazing lady whose example any woman would be proud to follow.

But the middle name…. I knew was taken from Kristina, but here’s the thing, I’ve always known there was something about Kristina’s name that was familiar, and I couldn’t place it. But here it was, Chinese New Year. I was on my way to celebrate with my Chinese friends, and it hit me. Mae is also a Chinese name that means “Beautiful.”

My granddaughter has a Hebrew-Chinese name. And so I was gifted with a granddaughter, part of my family who has come to mean more to me than I will ever comprehend. And her name for the two people’s amongst whom I live daily here in Israel and who are as deeply intertwined in my life as my family.

Abigail Mae, little one so
beloved of your father
so beautiful like your mother
welcome to this not so wonderful world
that needs your message
so much.

Beloved one,
longed for before conception
nurtured every day
in the hearts of your parents
and in the lens of the world
yet planned for
before eternity
was created.

May you grow
healthy, strong,
in grace and wisdom
and be a woman of valor
like your namesakes,
Abigail and Kristina.

May you have a heart
for family
for the nations
for the one true God
and always be
your father’s joy
on earth and
in heaven.