The meeting at church was encouraging today. Message on Isaiah 11 – reminding us that there is so much more to come! After the meeting, we had a congregation pot-luck dinner and enjoyed talking with several friends. Afterwards, Yotam (my godson) and one of his friends (Daniel) came over and we watched X-Men 2, ate popcorn, loaded up Google Earth, and they read R’s profile that was my first contact with him.

Yotam was so funny. He is still learning English, so every now and then he’d ask something like, “What is rarely”. I checked the statement and told him, “That is Rich’s answer to how much he drinks alcohol.” Yotam said, that’s good.

He looked more closely. “Is a 100% match good? He’s a lot like you, he likes Action movies too. Which one’s does he like?”

I told him that I knew he’d seen Con Air and liked it. Yotam answered, “He’s OK then, but he’d be better if he liked X-Men!”

When he said the blessing for our supper, he prayed, “And Lord, you help them know when to get married, pick the right day!”

I am so thankful for the many encouragements I’ve received. One of the Russian ladies in our congregation told me that she and her husband corresponded for 5 years by SNAIL mail before they got married! I have a feeling the postal service was better back then!

The coughing seems to be gone, took my last dose of bronchitis meds and praying that this is the last I see or feel of bronchitis for a long while!

Weather has been unbelievably warm so got to air out my apartment… and I guess that fills you in a bit about life in Israel this fine January Saturday…



RichRH — 1/27/2007/3:;39 PM

I really enjoyed hearing about your conversation with Yotam. I’ve never seen an X-Men movie, so I don’t know if I like them. I’m so thankful we weren’t dependent on snail mail. We’d hardly even know each other’s names yet.

I’m glad the cough is going away, I also hope for a very long time!