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A Taste of Heaven

Since my last blog post there have been more than a few terrorist incidents in Israel. Tragically, they have been instigated by Muslims and Jews. One Jewish man killed another man, mistaking him for an Arab… and so the cycle of fear and violence continued… to recede into the background of the news when bad […]

Who Is My Brother?

The events of the past week here in Israel are taking an emotional and spiritual toll on all its people. A video clip of a 13-year-0ld boy Palastinian boy who tried to kill Jewish people in Jerusalem is innundating the Internet. I am stunned by the reactions I’m seeing on social media, in comments on news sites, and in the silence of posts of those who follow Jesus (Yeshua).

Welcome Home

If home is where the heart is, then I have many homes. This month proved it for sure as I enjoyed a three-week vacation reconnecting with friends and family in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Time and money didn’t allow me to reconnect with everyone I wanted to see—cousins and friends in Vermont, New York, Chicago, […]