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Yes Lord, I Believe

The news is horrible and conflicting: for and against Israel, Hamas, Palestinians, and Arabs, anit-Israeli/Jewish demonstrations throughout the world, persecution of Christians by ISIS , and the various problems that each nation is facing. Quite truthfully, it is really easy to hide behind a game or read a book, or watch TV—anything to keep me […]

Rumors and War

From sarcasm to humor, insults and injury, to tears, propaganda and reverse propaganda—the situation in Israel has become quite tense to say the least. Israel’s ground forces began invading Gaza early this morning with the express goal of demilitarization of Hamas and locating and destroying underground tunnels that are endangering Israeli’s citizens. The rights and […]

Never Again

I first visited Yad Vashem in 1981 during a whirlwind tour of Israel. It was very different from what it was today. Simpler, starker, and in some ways, harsher regarding the reality of what happened during World War II—the Holocaust. I will never forget the last thing I saw, on the wall to my left, […]