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The Same Saving Grace for All

I attended a very special “kabalat shabat” service (receiving the Sabbath) tonight. Iranian believers in Jesus who live in England came to Israel to learn more about this Land and meet other people who believe in Jesus—including Jewish believers. They shared songs in Farsi, a young lady shared why there group had come to visit, […]

Sabbath in Tongues

Well, as some of you do or don’t know, I’ve been staying in Ebenezer Home since the beginning of the month because of a back injury that affected my right leg and resulted in terrible pain. I’ve been here two weeks now, and am feeling a lot better. The pain is a lot less, and […]

Writhing Joy

No it’s not a typo, but who on earth puts the word “writhing” together with “joy?” For those of you following my FaceBook statuses, you know I’ve been fighting back pain for a while now… but last Wednesday the pain became unbearable and I ended up in the emergency room. I was released Thursday afternoon, […]