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Wedensday Morning

They are doing a chest X-ray right now. .Rich has been having trouble with fluid in his lungs all night and a fever of 101.9… we keep praying. I’ve gotten around 4 hours of sleep. Not much else to add right now except that my hope is in the name of the Lord who made […]

Tuesday night 11:37 pm: Update

It’s been hard to update as much as I’d have liked to. It’s been a very long day. I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing family and brothers and sisters in the Lord who have come to visit, pray, and encourage. Emails, phone calls… In many ways it is so overwhelming. Is this […]

Garden Meditations

Our church is growing a vegetable garden this year, to help all the members of the congregation. One of the ladies put together a list of chores, and made a calendar, and we are all contributing time to help it grow. Someone plowed, some of us planted, and over the past few weeks, some weed, […]