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Twists in the Road

During the night, Rich wanted to talk. He has indicated that he is not sure he has made the right decision. At this point in time he does not want to stop the respirator. He is not sure he agrees with the doctor, and if there is any chance he can recover, he wants to […]

Small Blessings

Firstly, thank you all for your notes, emails, phone calls, thoughts, and prayers. Rich has been able to communicate yes and no by blinking his eyes. I was able to go home for a few hours this afternoon and get around 4 hours sleep, hope to get some sleep shortly, but wanted to keep you […]

A new day

It was a long night. Around 5 am they did a chest X-ray so I had to leave the room. That was when I wrote my previous entry this morning. When I came back into his room and said his name, his eyes popped open without the typical flickering. For a few minutes he really […]