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Musings on Life’s Challlenges

When I first set out to write this blog, I had the high ambition of trying to write something every day, focussing on the reason for my hope. Little did I guess that such ambitions come with a price… I forgot about little things like distractions, not feeling like writing something, or wondering what to […]

Car Update

Well, the good news is the garage couldn’t find any good reason for the oil leak… so they cleaned up the car, want us to drive it a bit, and come back on Monday and see how it is… we are so very thankful its not something major.. O, and for those of you who […]

Frosty Hope

Work up this morning with the task of having to take my car to the garage. It had the smell of oil. When Rich and I opened the hood, we found oil all over everything, and the engine empty of oil. Rich put in a couple of quarts yesterday, and today we took the car […]