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Giving Thanks

I had no sooner finished my last post when the phone rang. It was a head-hunter asking if I was interested in a particular documentation management position. While the position pays a lot less than one would have hoped with my background and experience, it is a direct hire with full benefits – no small […]

Almost Snowed In

Well, we are almost snowed in… been snowing since last night. A got up early to begin shoveling… and an hour later everything looked covered up. I’ll be going out a bit later to try and clear out the driveway for when she comes home. In the meantime, am working on my site, searching for […]

Didn’t Get the Job

Well it seems that this is not where the Lord wanted me… I admit, it’s discouraging. But I guess the Lord has something for us… I hope soon. It is not fun being out of work, since October now. I am working for one week, this week, doing copy editing for a large food manufacturer. […]

Post interview

Well, it is cold and icy out… and yes, I just thought you’d like to know that the interview went well. I liked the people and they seemed to like me. Next step in the process is to verify my education and references, and then to make a decision. Apparently there is at least one […]