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Thanksgiving Eve

Tonight at church they are having a Pie and Praise evening. Cherry pie will soon go in the oven (Sarah Lee – sorry – I don’t make pies!), house straightened up for tomorrow… and thinking of what I DO have to be thankful for… Rich found combined house and car insurance that saves us $250 […]

Falaffal in Michigan?

Well, yesterday was quite a day. I had some ladies (10) over last night to teach them how to make home made falaffal, hummus, and Israeli salad. I used a friend’s recipie (Layla), and man – was it fun! Noisy, crowded, confusion, and good food – I felt like I was back in Israel. One […]

Resumes Make My Head Spin

Well, this day didn’t start out so well. I felt like everything was crowding in on me. Then the thought hit me, maybe there IS something wrong with my resume. I had written it for an Israeli audience from way back. So, I swallowed my pride and wrote to the US tech writing news list […]