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Smiles and Cats

Smiles and Cats

I’m sitting here smiling…. thinking about bumblebees and a Guay cat… ¬† ———————————- Comments RichRH — 1/31/2007/20:34 PM You are really something. I also smile as I think about a Guay cat…, I never saw so many smiley’s all together. Any significance that the two unusual smileys are connected? DvoraElisheva — 2/2/2007/8:11 AM No special […]

Been Thinking

I’m told thinking is dangerous… been reading some emails from friends and wondering what is ahead. So many questions that I really don’t have the answer to. When, where, how, what… Well, the WHY I can answer… change is coming because God has brought wonderful change into my life. I was surprised to note that […]

A Quiet Day

The meeting at church was encouraging today. Message on Isaiah 11 – reminding us that there is so much more to come! After the¬†meeting, we had a congregation pot-luck dinner and enjoyed talking with several friends. Afterwards, Yotam (my godson) and one of his friends (Daniel) came over and we watched X-Men 2, ate popcorn, […]